Work with Me


As a micro-business advisor since 1982, I’ve had many years to understand, manage, and appreciate all that it takes to work as an entrepreneur. Happily, in 2016 I retired from the accounting world, and I'm at that stage in my life where I can take all that business experience and apply it to another passion of mine: health and wellness.

Working as a tax advisor for over 27-years, a micro-business consultant for over 30-years, and becoming an expert in the knowledge, implementation, and use of QuickBooks, I looked at the Shaklee business model and quickly considered becoming an independent Shaklee distributor, which I did in 2008.  

I’ve discovered that helping others with health challenges and sharing knowledge about products that work to improve people's overall health was fast becoming a passion of mine. Just like the line from the classic 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire, Shaklee “had me at hello.” I strongly believe in their corporate philosophy, their science & research, the safety of their products, and their 100% money-back guarantee.

I’ve taken that love and experience from business consulting into my Shaklee business. Tying the two together has been a successful business model for me. I especially enjoy not only introducing people to the Shaklee product line but to train others, who would love to go into business for themselves, to become Shaklee consultants. 

My many years as a tax preparer and QuickBooks ProAdvisor make me uniquely qualified to help a “newbie” Shaklee distributor get started and become their own boss. Work with me and I’ll help you learn why the Shaklee compensation plan is one of the best and most generous in the industry, and how it can help you achieve your personal, health, and financial goals.