Hello, I'm

Born and raised in the beautiful state of Vermont I never dreamed that I would one day be living in the warm climate of the south.  My husband, Mike, and I moved to Bluffton, South Carolina in early 2015 and have made this our retirement home.  But, retirement for us simply means a shift in directions and more time to spend doing what we love.  

The sunset photo on the left is taken from the sunroom of our South Carolina home - a room where we spend much of our time.  For Mike retirement means historic military research and writing mostly from this beautiful room.  And for me, it's downsizing my business consulting practice and focusing on continuing to grow my Shaklee business.  

The second sunset photo is of our favorite vacation spot on the beaches of Aruba.  
After being single for 25-years, my long-time partner and I "tied the knot" in 2007 on this beautiful island.  Mike has witnessed the huge change in my health, my energy level, and my general attitude since being on the Shaklee products and we are both thankful for what these products have brought to our lives. 

In 1976 I developed Crohn's Disease and in 1993 I had a very badly damaged section of the large intestine removed.  With virtually no colon, and for years, a compromised colon, I have struggled with many health issues most of my adult life.  

My interest in the health and wellness industry happened by circumstance when I was experiencing chronic joint pain caused by the disease and a friend suggested I try a couple of his products.  I was very skeptical as over the years many of my accounting clients introduced me to numerous products guaranteed to work wonders.  You name it – I’ve tried it.  Without exception, none of them worked and many had nasty effects on my sensitive digestive system.

Luckily, I agreed to give Shaklee a try...and after just three months using only two of their products, I was free of the daily debilitating pain I had suffered with for decades. And, it wasn't just "feeling better" - how my body was absorbing nutrients began to show up in my blood tests meaning I have medical proof of how well these products work!  I'm feeling better, looking younger, and am more energetic than when I was in my 30's...and, that’s why I am passionate about Shaklee, and it’s why I became a Shaklee Distributor.